What are you supposed to do when there is just too much stuff around you to make any sense of it? For me, one of the first plans of attack that I start to follow is to fill the frame with something of interest. I splay out my tripod legs and get as close as possible to an object to see what, if anything, can be done to make a chaotic scene more manageable.

In the case of me visiting the gorgeous Giardini Naxos, in Sicily, I remembered feeling anxious over trying to make sense of the beautiful vista that was in front of me. A lot of it was lost due to the distance from me to it and the shot would have suffered because of that. So, I went searching and found a beautifully characteristic boat on a nearby beach.

I proceeded to fill the frame with the boat and include only a small portion of the vista. The result was something much more pleasing (to me, at least) and it helped me bring a sense of order and focus to what would have otherwise been a flat landscape image.

Google Maps Location Info
37.8256, 15.2712

In terms of processing
This is a nine-exposure #HDR  image taken with my Canon 5D Mark II. I tone-mapped it using Photomatix Pro.

Stylization was done way back when in PhotoTools 2.6, by +onOne Software. I combined some Blue Dawn Leonidas and Golden Hour Enhancer with a touch of Just Enough Darkness.

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