Grand Central Terminal in NYC is a veritable smorgasbord for photographers, offering up a large variety of target-rich things to shoot. Thousands upon thousands of people stroll through the main station hall every hour, so there’s tons for street and portrait photographers. And let’s not forget the architecture. It is simply breathtaking and I made sure to make the most of it during a shoot I took part of in 2010.

I approached this shot in a way that would really convey the grandioseness of this location. Grand Central Terminal really is a big place and I felt that the Canon 15mm fisheye lens would give me the right type and amount of radial distortion to convey that. You may notice that the horizon looks slightly crooked – I remember trying to fine-tune the camera for about 15 minutes to get everything straight but could never find that perfect spot – and when I saw that I had a small window of time when no one was walking through, I settled for the best camera angle I could find and rifled off my brackets. :)

Quick tip – If you’re interested in shooting in this location with a tripod, be sure to visit the Stationmaster’s office with plenty of time in advance. You can obtain a free permit, allowing you to use your tripod. :)

Google Maps Location Info
40.752831, -73.977237

In terms of processing
I do know that this is a nine exposure tone-mapped #HDR  image, processed in Photomatix and PhotoTools 2.6 by +onOne Software. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the specific effects that I applied. :(

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