I just saw a post by my good bud, +Ricardo Lagos, where he mentioned that he was taking a break from photography and post processing because it was starting to feel like a chore more than anything else. I have no doubt that more of us out here than less can wholly empathize with Ricardo, myself included.

We’re photographing more every day than all of mankind did in previous centuries. We’re sharing images more and more by the hour, by the minute! We’re ingesting new ways to photograph and to share photographs. It’s a remarkable and busy time that we live in.

I know the feeling that you can get when you launch Lightroom, flip through folder after folder and catalog after catalog of images and it just seems like you’re looking through them but not at them. It can be disheartening and soul-crushing because it is at that very moment that your act of photographing and processing moves from an enjoyment to a chore.

How you proceed from this moment is critical. It’s easy to take this moment and magnify it only because it affects a part of you that is so near and dear – your creativity. But like any other muscle, your mind and your eye need constant training and exercise. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a camera in your hand 24/7 but it also doesn’t mean that you should flip that switch to off, either. Take a rest, maybe just take the images without actually importing them. Just make sure that you never begin doubting how creative you actually are because creative fatigue happens to the best of us.

So I want to give my man, Ricardo, a shout out and tell him something that I’m sure he already fully knows – This too shall pass. You’ve got friends here and when you’re ready to crush some images, we’ll be ready for ’em.

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