Oh yeah, baby! It’s #waterfallwednesday , curated by +Eric Leslie.

I remember standing a few feet to the left of +Brian Bonham, as we hunted for smaller areas of Fall Creek Falls to photograph. At the time, the whole area was checkered in bright patches of sunlight mixed with very harsh shadows. This made it very difficult to get even exposures of the entire area. So, we resigned ourselves to picking off smaller sections of the falls that were more uniform in exposure.

At the base of the falls, we both found a unique vantage point that gave us an upward cross section view of the top. It was also a really nice coincidence that the rock wall behind the blue falls happened to have such a vibrant yellow/green luster. It played off really nicely and gave me everything I needed to find good balance between color and form.

Google Maps Location Info
43.59238, -122.1383

In terms of processing
Not too much done here. I blended two exposures, one metering for the rockface and other for the water, using Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software.

I applied some Havana onto the green/yellow parts of the rockface so that they could pop a bit more. Grunge and Tonal Contrast were also applied in very small amounts.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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