…and sometimes, all you want to do is take a full profile shot of a beautiful scene. Just set the tripod down, point straight, and fire. +Brian Bonham and I reached Fall Creek Falls mid-day, when the light was just oh-so-awful. Heavy shadows and heavier hot spots from the sun made it very difficult to find effective compositions that wouldn’t require hours of masking. However, there was a small window of time when the sun was slightly covered in clouds and I pounced on the opportunity to grab a full profile shot of these picturesque falls.

And so, without much more filibustering, here is Fall Creek Falls. :)

In terms of processing
This is a three exposure blend that I masked together in Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software. One exposure metered for the falls at the very top (in the background), the second metered for the main falls and the third metered for the darker foliage.

I applied some Green Enhancer and Tonal Contrast to the rocks, along with some Rich Glow. All done in Perfect Effects 3, by onOne.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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