First off, here is this week’s entry for +Eric Leslie‘s #waterfallwednesday . It’s one of my favorite themes here on G+.

I know I’m getting jaded when I actually felt disappointment as I arrived at Toketee Falls, the third of three falls that +Brian Bonham photographed on our way to Crater Lake this past weekend. I guess I’ve gotten used to having the privilege of direct access to the waterfalls I visit. I’ve been able to carefully pounce around the flow trails and get as close to the falls as I care to go.

Now don’t get me wrong at all. I give huge kudos to those who built the thoughtfully manicured and stair-stepping trail, as well as the beautiful outlook from which visitors can easily view and photograph the sight. The turnoff for me is having such a limited number of ways to photograph the scene due to the confined space that I had access to. It’s easy to fall into that pit of apathy – the killer of all creativity.

The key here is to not let yourself get discouraged. And at the very least, do not put your camera away. The important thing here is to let your mind go free and try to stop concentrating on having to get that amazing shot. I find that my muse comes running to me whenever I’m not calling out for it. Sometimes, you just need to let the chips fall where they may and make the best of your time by not trying.

In terms of processing
Because of the massive dynamic range in this scene, I had to blend two different exposures in Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software. One exposure metered for the bright water and the other metered for the deep shadows.

Stylization was straightforward – Green Enhancer, Rich Glow, and Tonal Contrast – all applied in Perfect Effects 3 (also by onOne).

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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