I just got back from a whirlwind weekend at Crater Lake with my very good friends, +Brian Bonham and +Brad Sloan. I’m finally showered (I know, right?!) and the first load of laundry is halfway done. But before I head off to devour some sort of dinner, I wanted to share a quick shot taken from the Crater Lake rim.

Overall, the weather was pretty perfect – very agreeable temperates along with a nice armada of clouds to help give us relief from the sun and, more importantly, give us something to fill the skies in our frames with.

What you see here in the foreground is Wizard Island, a volcanic cinder cone, formed within the caved-in remains of Crater Lake, a volcano that collapsed on itself a long time ago. Because there are no inlets or outlets for this lake, it only consists of precipitation, hence the deep blue color. No sediments flow in to pollute it.

I shot the image this particular way to give some layering and not inundate the majority of the frame with the ridiculously blue lake. It helps break up the image and plays into some blue/green color contrast.

Stay tuned for some more shots later this evening. I’m prepping an astral shot from last night’s Stars over the Crater shoot.

In terms of processing
Pretty straight forward here. Nature rarely needs much make-up applied. I did apply the Magic Ocean and Deep Forest Glow effects globally, along with masking in some Tonal Contrast and Green Enhancer. All done in Perfect Effects 3 by +onOne Software.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1

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