Here’s another image – some afternoon delight, if you will.

A few weeks back, I posted the exterior skeleton of this Ford truck. I was with one of my favorite people in these parts, +Karen Hutton, as we meandered around the Donner Lake area. We stumbled onto this mechanic’s garage, decided to roll the dice, and asked for permission to photograph his digs. It turns out that the mechanic couldn’t have been a nicer fella. He gave Karen and I free reign – “Go wherever ya want,” he said.

After getting a few different angles of the exterior, I decided to get creative with my tripod yoga and positioned the camera with my 17mm T/S lens pointing in. This image required a helluva lot of brackets because the dynamic range was quite massive (that’s what she said… sigh ).

Stylization was tricky, too. It’s hard to get a certain look without really losing your shadow detail, so this was a touch-n-go play. I did selectively apply some FocalPoint lovin’ to the exterior to help minimize distractions and keep the eyes in the vehicle.

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