Just a quick post for now – gotta get ready for some brunch-y deliciousness, Nebraska style. This is a shot taken at one of my favorite Oregon spots, Little Zig Zag Falls. I took this back on my first visit with +Brian Bonham, +Lars Gustafson, and +Arno Jenkins aka The Funky Bunch.

I wanted to share a simple little trick that I try to use often with a product that we, at +onOne Software, make called FocalPoint 2. It allows you to simulate s shallow depth of field and paint back focus in any area that you wish. For this shot, I rendered the upper third of the frame slightly out of focus to give the impression of a fast lens. However, I also painted focus back onto that branch that is protruding from the left side of the frame. By doing so, I’ve effectively given the shot some depth – an almost 3D feel. It’s a small task to take but it can pay back with dividends when used effectively.

Happy Sunday, peopleheads!

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