My first visit to Little Zig Zag Falls took place about six or so weeks ago with +Brian Bonham, +Lars Gustafson, and +Arno Jenkins. It was a fantastic time for many reasons and I walked away with a lot of shots that I was truly happy with.

However, one exercise that I’ve been practicing more often lately is really studying the shots I’ve taken so that when I return to that location, I’ll have more of a game plan set on how to approach things differently. Despite having such a massive amount of landscape options here in Oregon, I already find myself wanting to return back to some choice places – Zig Zag Falls being one of them.

So, when I returned to the falls the other week, I had this very specific shot in mind because I took the time to study what I had already done and how I would want to change things up. Everything from the focal length to the positioning to the processing style was pretty much premeditated and it felt great.

So, it’s something that I certainly recommend trying. Spend about an hour really looking through your most favorite images from a particular location. Think about what you’d want to change about them if you could and invoke those changes during your next visit.

In terms of processing
This is a two exposure blend – one for the bright water and one for the darker forest. Layering was done in Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software

Sort of a similar stylization MO here – Green Enhancer, Blue Filter, and some selective Tonal Contrast and Deep Forest Glow – all from Perfect Effects 3 (also by onOne).

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1

And isn’t it nice that this shot happens to fall on #waterfallwednesday , curated by +Eric Leslie. :)

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