It has been a few Mondays since I tossed in a little ditty for the wonderful #MacroMonday  series, curated by our G+ lovelies, +Kerry Murphy, +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Jennifer Eden.

I nabbed this image yesterday after a fantastic shoot over at Ruckel Creek Falls with +Nicole S. Young and +David Daniels. The trail was lined with hundreds and hundreds of colorful flowers, which made finding the right shot both fun and challenging. On one hand, you want to have some nice visual directionality for your viewers but you also don’t want to confuse them by throwing too much in between those four walls.

I originally felt content with just filling the frame with a single flower but then quickly felt that it was lacking in any sort of story to tell. That’s when I noticed that, with this particular flower in the lower third of the frame, if I tilted the camera upward a bit, I was able to get some neighboring petal action going. It instantly gave me the impression of two possible stories:

1. This one flower was being shunned and outcasted from his (or her) people. Dramatic and moody, no?


2. This one flower is a protector or guardian of his (or her) people. I like the way the flower face is particularly looking upward at you, as if in defiance.

So, I thought the method of getting this image was an interesting little tidbit of anecdotal backstory worth sharing. The main point here is that before you plan on getting that first exposure, pay a few minutes of mind to what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you out to simply portray an object to your viewers? If so, then carry on – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, if you’re out to convey a story with the objects in your frame, did you take the time to figure out what that story is and how you can best tell it within your image(s).

In terms of processing
Very, very simple stuff here. Just two textures – Rice Paper Light and Warm Concrete, both found in Perfect Effects 3 by +onOne Software. I then added some tone boosts and basic adjustments in Lightroom 4.1

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