Just a quick share today. Lots to do before I leave for Tahoe tomorrow, but I did want to get this image out there before then. I took this shot a few weeks ago during the launch of the Rose Festival here in PDX. It was a wonderful time and I was joined by some great, local photographers who I now consider friends – +Lars Gustafson, +Arno Jenkins, +Kelly-Shane Fuller, +Christopher Germano and very reluctantly, +Brian Bonham.

My point here is that, despite being flanked by these guys (along with +Aaron Reed) who were all shooting the exact same thing with just about the exact same vantage point, I couldn’t have asked to have a better time. There was everything from joke-cracking to true collaboration of optimal camera settings and focal lengths. In all truth, we all wanted each other to walk away with killer shots.

It was truly a great experience and the best thing of all was that I walked away with some new friends who I can always count on to go on more photowalks down the road.

In terms of processing
This is actually an exposure blend of four different images. I had my camera locked tightly down on my tripod and collected a small library of images with the exact same foreground. All of the images were at a constant f/9 at ISO 100. Shutter speed ranged between 4 and 5 seconds but YMMV. Then, I cherry-picked the image with the best foreground and started masking in different fireworks bursts at different positions in the sky to give the image more of a brilliant feel. All of the layering and masking was done in Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software.

Stylization was minimal here. I applied a Rich Glow to render the sky into total blackness while bringing out a nice richness in the color of the fireworks. Some Tonal Contrast was painted in on the foreground to add texture.

Final touches were applied in Adobe Lightroom 4.1.

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