Today’s anecdote and image are both more illustrative, advisory and cautionary than anything else. While I do love the end result of this image, it does illustrate a failure, as it were, on my part when I nabbed these brackets and I’m hoping that it’ll help serve as educational for those of you reading.

If there is one sensation that I get from this shot, it would be claustrophobic and for one reason in particular – do you see how that ‘One Way’ sign almost meets the edge of the frame? That little infraction on my part really does impact me in a big way. I don’t remember why I didn’t catch that when I took the original images, I’m usually pretty strict on giving the walls of the frame some room. For me, crowding any one side of an image by letting a dominant  element either bisect or hug the edges causes a sense of tightness, unease, and the aforementioned claustrophobia. I’m sure this will differ from person to person and, likely, from image to image.

Ultimately, I felt that the image was greater than the sum of its parts and I wanted to share it here as a way to share one of my own learning lesson in composition. Now, like any lesson that involves something as subjective as photography, take it on a case-by-case basis and be your own auditor as to whether the rule applies to you or not.

In the end, you are the one who has to love your image more than anyone else. The key is to know what it is that you love about it… and what you don’t – because it’s in those areas that you truly start to grow as an artist.

In terms of processing
This is a nine exposure tone-mapped HDR image (via Photomatix) taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 17mm Tilt-shift lens. I took it in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY a few years ago. Stylization was achieved in PhotoTools 2.6, the predecessor to the current Perfect Effects 3, by +onOne Software. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the specific effects applied because of how much time elapsed but I can likely recreate it if anyone wants to know.

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