After seeing the curviness of this stream, I fully understand why it is aptly  named Zig Zag Falls. I had a wonderful time here – and not just because of the plentiful targets to shoot. I also had some excellent company in +Brian Bonham, +Arno Jenkins, and +Lars Gustafson . Despite having four photographers shooting in the same proximity, it amazes me at how different each of us were in what we saw and how we processed our images. I can’t wait to shoot with these fellas again… even Arno. :)

In terms of the title of this shot – when we first parked at Zig Zag, we were filled with excitement and, as such, bounded towards the actual waterfall that was situated towards the end of the trail. As we hustled to it, we took note of this stream but, ultimately, paid it little attention to it as our hopes were set on shooting something a bit larger. And we were greatly rewarded – Zig Zag Falls was beautiful, accessible, and offered oodles of different ways to shoot it.

After an hour or so, after we were done, we decided to return back to the cars, but we did so with a very slow cadence – a total 180 compared to the pace at which we entered the area. Now, we took our time. We stopped frequently and for long spells. We’d fan out, do some shooting and move on.

We collaborated and helped each other. We shot alongside and above each other. When I tried dealing with a distracting branch in my shot, Arno kindly jumped into the water and repositioned it altogether, totally removing the distraction. We discussed potential ways to shoot the scene as it changed every hundred feet or so. It was fantastic and it is a great reminder to smell the roses because the biggest spectacle may not always be the best one.

In terms of processing
This is a two-exposure blend using a basic layer mask in Perfect Layers 2 by +onOne Software. One exposure dealt with the water and the other dealt with the surrounding land.

Stylization was achieved by combining a basic Blue filter onto the water along with a Green Enhancer onto the land and foreground rock. I then applied some Tonal Contrast and a Rich Glow to the entire scene. All done in Perfect Effects 3 by onOne.

After that, I sent the image to FocalPoint 2 and added a tiny amount of blur to the background, just beyond the curve, to give the impression of a shallow DoF.

Final touches were applied in Adobe Lightroom 4.1.

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