I got together with some fantastic local people on Friday night to shoot the fireworks display kicking off the Rose Festival here in PDX. Eyes looking at +Brian Bonham, +Christopher Germano, +Kelly-Shane Fuller, +Lars Gustafson, and +Arno Jenkins. We had originally found ourselves a nice spot right along the river’s edge facing downtown. Aside from the loose rock, the area would have been perfect to shoot the fireworks.. and then the lightning storm and heavy rain came.

An audible was made and we hustled over the Hawthorne Bridge to a parking garage overlooking the Willamette River. The parking garage was situated close to the river and we aimed to get as high up as possible, giving us a better vantage point while also helping us stay dry. We managed to secure ourselves a great spot on the top floor (because, right on queue, the rain totally stopped just before the fireworks show began) and got some great shots with an awesome foreground made up of the Hawthorne Bridge.

Parking Garages are some of my favorite areas to shoot from mostly because you can usually just walk through them for free (if you aren’t parking within) and they are scattered all over major cities, giving you some rather unprecedented views from above. So next time you’re visiting a city (or are jaunting around your home town), give an extra minute of thought as to where you garages are. You never know what you’ll see from the top!

In terms of processing
This is a seven exposure tone-mapped HDR image taken with my 5D Mark III and Canon 24-105mm lens, ran through Photomatix.

Stylization was done in Perfect Effects 3 by +onOne Software. I applied the Hollywood Glow, Enter The Dragon, and custom Tonal Contrast effects to give it this particular look.

Next, I did a transform warp in Photoshop CS6 to straighten the horizon line a bit along with some selective content aware fills of distracting areas.

Final touches were applied in Adobe Lightroom 4.1RC2

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