I don’t care who you are – you are never done with a scene, not in a definitive sense, at least. Sure, you may be spent with a scene on a particular day but there is just too much variance that is both within and outside your control. You just need to open up your mind to see what those variances are.

For example, I took this shot in an alleyway in Boston that I’ve shot many, many times before. I shot it with wide glass, long glass, and covered the gamut of f-stops. I shot it in the sun, the rain, and in the darkness of night. And even after all of those shoots, I still walked away with this shot – one of my favorites from this scene.

Why? Because I embrace minutia. I do my very best to not take anything for granted. Even something like a corrugated water pipe.

So how do you go about enjoying minutia? The easiest way that I can explain it is to see at the focal length of the lens that you have mounted on your camera. A lot of times, I find that longer focal lengths work better here. If I remember correctly, I had my Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens on at the time, so I limited my field of vision to approximately that focal length. I forced myself to see in 50mm chunks.

So, when I happened onto this water pipe, I scanned it up and down in 50mm chunks and stopped at an area that I found to be very characteristic and visually appealing to me. And, like I mentioned, of all the shots I took in this alleyway, this is easily one of my favorites.

You just need to train yourself to appreciate the little flotsams of life and the rest will fall into place… photographically, as least. :)

In terms of processing
I processed this a little while ago, using PhotoTools 2.6 by +onOne Software. It was important for me to create a unique style that separates the pipe from the brick wall. As such, I applied the Cyberpunk and Just Enough Darkness effects onto the pipe and then turned my attention to the brick. For that, I used a small amount of Golden Hour Enhancer, Moulin Rouge, and a tiny amount of Just Enough Darkness.

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