I am not a patient person. In fact, I’m borderline manic whenever I have to wait for most things. But, for some reason, this characteristic doesn’t seem to apply whenever it involves a camera. I guess it lends further credence to why I am such a devotee of photography and why I devote my life to it.

In any case, patience did pay off for me when I attempted this shot on Hayden Island a few weeks back with my very good friend, onOne colleague, and overall great photographer, +Rick LePage.

Pretty much as soon as I spotted this massive concrete pipe leading into the water, I knew the shot I wanted. The geese (or ducks or whatever) that were hanging out around where you see them there didn’t seem phased much as I approached. “Ok, this is good. Now just stay there while I set up,” I though.

Of course, being the bumbling oaf that I am, I managed to make some quick gestures that caused them to scurry off into the water. This is where the patience comes in. Had I just folded up my tripod and walked away at the sign of their retreat, I’d be out of a shot. However, I went with the idea that if I simply kept my position the same and didn’t really move or make any sounds, they’d feel that it was safe to return.

With that particular line of thinking, in this case at least, I was right and patience did pay off. After 2 minutes or so, the fowl returned to their position and didn’t move at all, giving me the time I needed to snap off a few long exposures.

Now if only I could apply that patience concept to every single other part of my life. :)

In terms of processing
Not much here – I started with a black and white conversion in +onOne SoftwarePerfect Effects 3 and then brought it into Photoshop CS5 to play with the white and black points on an adjustment layer. This helped blow out the remaining highlights while preserving shadow detail. Next, I brought the image into FocalPoint 2 to render the background slightly out of focus, bringing the attention to the pipe and birds. Final touches were achieved in Adobe Lightroom.

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