I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Canon 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens is one of the greatest pieces of kit that I’ll ever own. I affectionately refer to it as The Funkbuster and I strongly recommend either renting or buying it (or the Canon 8-15mm equivalent – eyes at you +Karen Hutton and +Thomas Hawk) in the event that you find yourself waning for ideas of what to shoot or how to shoot it.

But I digress (shocker).

In terms of looking for the meta within you shot, I am referring to being open to see things within what is actually in your frame. I feel that this image below will allow me to illustrate my point nicely.

As soon as I put my tripod down at this scene and turned on my camera’s Live View display, I saw a book. Actually, I saw a photo book. On the left page was a picture of a city skyline during sunset with some random caption. On the right side was some empty space to add weight to the sunset image and some accompanying text. All of this was achieved because of how my 15mm Fisheye lens interacted with the scene at its given tilt on my +Really Right Stuff ballhead.

Obviously, at face value, this is a radially distorted shot of a tagged up wall in a burnt out structure. But when you let the imagination run wild and open yourself up to seeing things within things, all of sudden photography takes on a very whimsical and fantastical flavor. It’s certainly something that I recommend everyone give the old college try for.

In terms of processing
As has been the case with most of my recent images, this is a nine exposure tone-mapped image taken with the Canon 5D Mark II and aforementioned 15mm fisheye lens. Magic Lantern was used to get the brackets and Photomatix was used to tone-map.

Stylization was achieved in two phases both within +onOne Software Perfect Effects 3. First, I focused on getting the look of the sky and the PDX skyline down. Then, I turned my attention to the grunge wall. I saved a preset for this shot that will be distributed soon.

Finally, I added a bit more contrast, clarity and vibrance in Lightroom 3.

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