As soon as word came down the pipe that we got rooms at the Signature at MGM for WPPI, I was drooling. Sure, the foreground could be livelier than a parking garage but, hell, I’m gonna have some fun on this balcony over the next few days. :)

In terms of processing
These are 18 brackets (9 per panel) that were tone-mapped in Photomatix and then stitched using Autopano Giga (the best stitching product out there). It was stylized using a combination of effects in Perfect Effects 3 by +onOne Softwareand touched up in Lightroom 3.

In album Pic Picks Over The Years (1 photo)

[map w=”745″ h=”130″ lat=”36.10713″ lon=”-115.16687″ marker=”yes” z=”18″ maptype=”SATELLITE” 680 /]

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