I love the comic book artist, writer and director, Frank Miller.

I love his style, his grit, and the way he presents his art – so much so that it often times influences everything about my photography, from the point of capturing the frame all the way through saving the edited image back into Lightroom. I love that his style influences mine. I love this his illustrations bleed into my photography because it makes me feel greater than the sum of my parts.

It’s something that I see in a lot of people here in Googlevillez and it’s awesome. Being able to look through your own eyes and channel the spirit of someone you admire, paying homage to them – it really is a wonderful thing. It shows gratitude of the highest order – that their art resonates so profoundly with you that it actually shifts how you create your own art.

For this image, I was wholly influenced by one of my favorite Frank Miller comic book story series slash hollywood movie, Sin City. I thought that this hotel sign and building facade served perfectly to drop against a pure black sky.

In terms of processing
I shot it with my Fuji X100, intentionally terminating the edge of the building into the lower right corner of the frame. I processed it with a very heavy contrast custom Black and White effect in Perfect Effects 3 by +onOne Software. I also adjusted the white and black points accordingly in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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