At first blush, you may or may not know the location of this scene. It does have some definite visual landmarks but to a majority of people, I don’t think it will stand out. This image was taken at Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland this past weekend with my two newest favorite people, Karen Hutton and Ben Canales. Ben is no stranger to this area and I had shot these falls a handful of times already, but Karen was seeing it for the first time. So, what’s a boy to do here? Well, I know that a large majority of people tend to shoot a scene like Multnomah Falls with a wide lens. It makes sense, right? You want to capture the whole scene with all its beauty. And that iconic bridge – come on! So, does that mean that veteran MF photographers should just sit idly by? Not a chance! I had my Canon EF 70-200 2.8L IS on, a lens that I had never used in this location. Fresh eyes. It didn’t take long at all to compose a scene that I was really excited about. Because I knew that I already had shots of the entire falls back at home, I was free to take my time experimenting more with other focal lengths. It opened me up to new possibilities. It reminded me that none of us should ever be done with a location. In terms of processing This is a single exposure image that I processed pretty much exclusively in Perfect Effects 3 by onOne Software. The first effect I applied was Tonal Contrast because it instantly cut through the haze caused by the misting water. Next, I applied a Cooling Filter to the entire image, masking out the boulder in the foreground. Finally, I added a Green Enhancer effect to bring out the beautiful color of the moss. I sent it to FocalPoint 2 afterwards to add a 3% blur to the background and gave the image its final touches in Ligthroom 3’s Develop module.