The other day, my good bud, +Chris Lazzery, and I shot up and down the various waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. The weather was agreeable and it made for a very relaxing day overall. Plus, it was great to have Chris visiting, albeit for a short stint.

On our way back home, we decided to park along the promenade to catch the sunset. It certainly didn’t disappoint as we were greeted with gorgeous, subtle colors and nice cloud formations over the PDX skyline.

Towards the end of the shoot, I slapped on my Canon 15mm fisheye to have some ultra-wide fun. Initially, I had my tripod and camera perched over the rail that you see here. I intended to disregard it altogether, focusing only on the Willamette River and skyline.

Chris came over to me and suggested that I take a few steps back, incorporating the rail and pathway. My first reaction was not surprising – I disregarded it altogether and continued shooting. But then I stopped for a minute and thought that I should at least consider Chris’ suggestion. Who knows, right?

I repositioned my tripod, composed, and came up with this shot. I instantly knew that it would be my favorite from this area. And it is a really good lesson. I know that I’m very quick to dismiss suggestions and criticism by others, especially in the field, regardless of how accomplished they are. But that can’t be a very healthy way of going about things – especially when you’re part of a community of photographers.

So, listening is something that I will be working on more. Listening doesn’t mean that you’re going to act on every suggestion posed. Rather, listening is the first step to actively honing your own skills. It helps you refine your vision by learning how to embrace criticism and feedback while also weeding out anything that doesn’t fit within your own voice.

All in good time, though. :)

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