It feels great to get back into posting images and anecdotes here. Last week was pretty crazy with travels to New Orleans for the Imaging USA Expo. Anytime we travel for major conferences, free time is a precious commodity. Regardless, I always make it a point to grab at least one body, one lens, and a tripod. NOLA was no exception.

I took this shot the night before we were due to fly back to Oregon. The weather was poor because a major storm was about to roll in. Light was flat, which was a good thing here. It allowed me to expose for about 2’15” using the Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter. I was using my Canon 24-70 lens which, in hindsight, wasn’t the best choice because that focal length didn’t do much to help spur creativity. There is something very vanilla about that focal range.

When this happens, I try to fall back on the ideal of simply getting the best frame possible in the field and then rely on more creative cropping in post. And that was the case here. The original frame contained way more information than I cared for. By cropping in while constraining proportions, I was able to achieve a much more pleasing image.

The long exposure helped give the scene an ethereal feeling and I aimed to accentuate that with this particular B&W conversion.

So, don’t ever feel like you’re fully limited to what you capture in your frame.

With digital photography, it’s clear that the creation on the image no longer stops with the camera.

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