There are all sorts of great ways you can challenge yourself when you go out shooting. For instance, you can choose to use only one lens or shoot only abstracts or only for black and white.

Another way you can challenge yourself and ensure more refined concentration while shooting is to build a series. Go on a shoot, either for a day or over several days/weeks with the express intention of building a cohesive grouping of images. The key, for me at least, is to portray a collection of images that each play a part of an ensemble cast. Each has its own voice and each shares its own part of the larger story.

This image is the first in a smalls series that I started during my recent trip home to New York City. I wanted to take everyday subway scenes and transform them into darker and grungier versions. The goal was to give a sense of what a solo commuter would see around the NYC subway system at 2AM on a Tuesday night. The series is going to be called Odd Hours. I’ve got a few more images to post for this series over the next few days.

So what about all of you? Have you ever gone out with the intention of shooting a series for yourselves?

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