I woke up this morning in a world of pain. Ok. A bit melodramatic but I did wake up feeling like I slept on a rock. Most of the past week has been spent with me walking around NYC with my camera bag and tripod slung on my shoulders. I’d have it no other way but I figured that taking a day off from carrying all of that weight wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

I had a few hours to myself today and decided to head back to South Beach, Staten Island to get some more long exposures except this time, I opted to go extra light. I had my #Fuji #X100, a Lee Big Stopper w/Foundation Kit, and a remote shutter cable. I also used a small travel tripod instead of my RRS sticks.

The exposure took 50 seconds on Bulb mode at f/16. I did this to glass out the water and pronounce the shadows of the support beams. I also like how it captured the motion of the slow-moving clouds. I also decided to shoot the scene at an angle instead of head-on to exploit the natural curve of the overhead pier.

In terms of processing, I went a bit heavy on the contrast and texture to bring out the mood of the scene. I like the aged effect that it gave the concrete surface.

I have a number of other shots from this area that I’m really excited to share over the coming weeks. I have expressed my love of the Fuji X100 before but I have to say it again – the Fuji X100 constantly surprises me with its handling and ability to record beautiful, high quality images.

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