This past weekend, I found myself back in Seattle with my sister, +greta matiash, and some of my Seattle cohorts, +Nicole S. Young, +Jacob Lucas, +Michael Riffle, and +dene’ miles. Our timing was great because there was a previously scheduled Google+ photowalk that Saturday afternoon. We met at a point on Alki Beach to photograph the moon as it served itself as a nice backdrop behind the city skyline. That was Plan A. It was a good plan.

Mother Nature was not without her own sick brand of humor that day and graced us with heaping amounts of overcast, cold, and wet weather. There would be no moon to see this evening and I knew it pretty quickly as we were pulling up to park my car.

Having a Plan A is great. It’s even better when Plan A goes according to… well… plan! But, what is just as important, if not a skosh more, is having a Plan B. This lesson parallels quite nicely with real life situations.

As I parked, I noticed this boat launch and immediately started thinking of ideas for potential shots based on the lenses I had on me at the time. In fact, I got so excited over the possibilities, I pretty much forgot all about any lingering disappointments over the Plan A debacle.

After a brief mingle session, everyone naturally dispersed to get their shots and I made my way over. I had plenty of time to scout for the shot I wanted and knew right away that the Canon 15mm Fisheye was the lens to use here. I got my brackets, tone-mapped them when I got home, and then stylized in +onOne Software Perfect Effects 3 and simulated a shallow depth of field in FocalPoint 2.

In the end, I walked away with a shot that not only salvaged the night, but actually made it!

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