This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of heading up to the top of the Seattle Space Needle for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the accommodations and general attitude towards photographers. Coming from the Northeast, I’ve unfortunately experienced a consistent amount of apathy towards photographers, especially those who use tripods. Fortunately, the staff at the Space Needle couldn’t be friendlier and the layout of the outdoor panoramic walk had plenty of little ledges to prop my tripod on, allowing me to get the brackets needed for this 45-exposure HDR pano of the Seattle skyline.

But back to the weather. I’ve been warned many, many times about the fickle weather that I would be experiencing as I was planning my move to the Pacific Northwest. Lots of spitting rain one minute, beautiful sunshine the next, and then capped off with some harder rain. It could be enough to break even the strongest-willed photographers out there.

But there is a virtue to just embracing the chaos of Mother Nature. Sure, you may get droplets on the front element of your lens and the quality of light may be totally erratic. Just remember – there is so much goodness in that constant shift. Over the course of the hour or so that we were up there, I saw such drastic changes in every environmental variable and each shift offered a whole new shot and a whole new perspective. There is nothing that a good micro fiber cloth and a rain cover can’t solve for shooting in inclement weather.

So if it’s raining, embrace it. Don’t shy away. Just get out there and get the shot.

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