It’s a cruel joke that patience would be one the most important facets of photography while also being one of those things that I have barely any of. The act of waiting is like any other game of chance – sometimes you will be rewarded for the gamble and other times you’re left with the inside of your pockets hanging out.

In this shot here, Seattle’s moody weather cheated me out of a sunset but did offer up some beautiful shades of blue and grey in the sky. The problem was that I wasn’t 100% sure when that fleeting point would occur when light starts shifting from that gorgeousness to the flatness of darkness. It’s like throwing chopped garlic into hot oil – wait 1 second too long and it starts to smoke and burn.

Thankfully, I think I fired the shots for this tone-mapped HDR scene at the right time. I also masked in some of the moving traffic from one of the brackets. Not bad for five images from the Fuji #X100.

Now if only I can get that time machine to be built small enough to fit in my camera bag. :)

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[map w="745" h="130" lat="47.62047" lon="-122.34952" marker="yes" z="18" maptype="SATELLITE" 680 /]

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