The title is both figurative and literal as far as this post is concerned.

I literally just got all of the missing cables and components needed to turn my Mac Pro back on. Thankfully, my Drobo is intact and with it, my entire photo library is back online. It feels so freaking good to sit down, browse the image library, and let the creative juices start to flow. It has been longer than I care to think about.

It also feels like I haven’t worked on my favorite type of imaging in a very long time, so I have a sense of normalcy by returning to a deliciously tone-mapped UrbEx image. It seemed like just the remedy. I took this shot a few months back with two of my favorite people, +Steve Beal and +Chris Robins. Steve got us access to this abandoned school where we had totally free reign to explore. It was a very prolific day for us shooters.

I titled this post, “Come To Teacher”. I am not sure why, but I am most comfortable in these types of scenes. I love trying to find art in the abandoned, beauty in the derelict. Maybe it’s the raw juxtaposition or the fact that these types of scenes lend themselves naturally for tone-mapping and exposure blending.

Regardless, I finally feel like I am able to get settled. My apartment is still very much a war zone but it is calming to know that amidst the chaos, I can sit down and escape in my images.

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