I’ve been an Oregonian for almost four weeks now. I am slowly getting used to my commute to and from the +onOne Software office (wholly thanks to +Jeffrey Yen aka The Man). I finally got all of my belongings the other day (save for a box containing my Canon 70-200mm, but that is a whole other post). So, you’d think that I should be relatively settled. I guess I would expect that but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Still, despite the amorphous, jelly-like state that my routine seems to be in, I think it is critical to maintain a busy eye, an itchy trigger finger, and an engaged mind. Just because I am totally unfamiliar with my surroundings should not preclude me from exploring. Walking aimlessly around your immediate neighborhood is bound to be ripe with all sorts of photo ops. Just ask my friend, +Stuart Sipahigil, who wrote a wonderful eBook (by Craft & Vision) on the topic.

This shot was taken at one of the trillions of little parks that are apparently sprinkled throughout Portland. It is a snapshot of my new home and I’ll be damned if I am going to let my unfamiliarity of this place keep me from exploring. Making excuses for why you can’t take even 30 minutes every day or every other day just to walk around the block with your camera is a crippling habit and is toxic to a photographer.

All you need to do is charge your batteries and clear your mind. Even if you don’t fire off a single exposure, I guarantee you will still be better off as a photographer than if you stayed home catching up on TV shows.

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