Last week, I had the pleasure of returning to my home city of New York with my onOne Software colleagues. We were attending Photo Plus and the vibe was pretty crazy because we had officially started shipping our new Perfect Photo Suite 6 line.

On Friday night, +RC Concepcion +Andrey Tochilin and I put together a photowalk that would take us from the USS Intrepid on the west side of Manhattan into the heart of Times Square. RC rocked it as the MC for the event and it was great to see the large turnout.

I was joined by +Amy Chan, onOne’s Director of Product Marketing, who wanted to see what this photowalk malarky was all about. Amy is a great gal and was an even greater sport when I asked her to pose against this wall. As soon as I saw this ATM and corrugated metal wall, a story started forming in my head. I had ideas of what I wanted to appear in my shot and how I wanted it framed. I knew the exact emotion that I was trying to evoke.

I positioned Amy leaning back with her shoulders squared and looked towards the bright lights of the ATM and big city. The ATM light feathered her exactly the way I wanted and I made the necessary adjustments to how it wrapped on her face by asking her to adjust her tilt. I also loved the specular highlights in the background as they give the viewer’s eye some trajectory to go through the frame. I was able to accentuate this by applying a slight dutch angle to my camera (Fuji #X100).

Part of pre-visualization is storyboarding – the visual narrative. How do you want to tell your story? And a large part of it has to do with how you process the shot. I knew the exact look I wanted and I knew how to achieve it using Perfect Layers (to blend the ATM exposure with the Amy exposure), Perfect Effects (to stylize), and FocalPoint (to simulate a shallow depth of field).

By storyboarding and pre-visualizing, I was able to walk away with a shot that I am truly happy with and that resonates with the emotion I was going for within myself when I was standing here.


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