I’m notorious for shooting my scenes head-on. It’s something that I always notice about myself. It’s a natural inclination for me to shoot my subject while standing directly in front of it and facing it straight. I think it has a lot to do with my affinity for symmetry… even with contrasting elements (think of the Yin and Yang symbol).

While shooting head-on is a wonderful way for me to feed this affinity, it can also be somewhat stifling in terms of missing certain opportunities to capture unique angles and details that would otherwise go unseen.

This shot is a really nice example. I nabbed it while shooting around Nelson, NV with +Jacob Lucas in early September. I was originally shooting low and tight, but head on. It wasn’t until after I walked along the side of the grill that I noticed its wonderful shape. I was able to play off of it by repositioning my vantage point and I feel that I walked away with a stronger shot because of it.

So, when you’re out shooting, take a few minutes to scout your scene. Experiment and have fun with the creative opportunities that you’re afforded!

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