I was visiting Portland for business last year and was excited to get out after work with some coworkers to do some shooting. It was my second time to the state and I wanted to get some more time shooting around the city. But, as most Pacific Northwestern folks know, weather can be quite the fickle shrew and we were doused with rain. Normally, I would have at least made it out to get some shots but I had foolishly left my Kata raincover at home in Boston.

So, it was back to the hotel room for me. At first, I felt a bit dejected over having plans dashed. But why should that stop me or any of you? The hotel was ornate and had lots of little details to it. My 24-70 has wonderful macro capabilities. What should stop us from shooting wherever we are. Shooting shouldn’t be precluded by having to be outdoors or in ideal situations.

True to form, though, as I was shooting some detail work inside my room, the shrew, Mother Nature, threw a bone and offered up this absolutely spectacular sunset. I couldn’t believe how the sun looked like it was shooting upward like an invisible rocket.

I quickly slapped on my 70-200, got the tripod out, and fired away.

Sometimes, it’s more about keeping an open mind than an open eye.

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