A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure to go shooting around Seattle with my mate, +Jacob Lucas, and a photographer whom I greatly admire, +David Nightingale. The weather was par for the course – light rain but with a gorgeous sky.

Jacob took us to a local park with a splendid overlook of the Seattle skyline. And it was there that we three took up arms and shot away. At first, we were relatively tightly formed – getting our ‘gimme’ shots out of the way.

After some time, we spread out. Towards the end, we started exchanging some brilliant collaboration. David was sharing some ideas on how to frame this shot without getting these three nasty flood lights in the foreground. We watched each other apply out own sense of creativity and we fed from it.

It was healthy and wonderful and should be something that we, as social photographers, should embrace and foster.

Let’s just help ourselves and each other make the best and most beautiful images that we can.

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[map w="745" h="130" lat="47.629436" lon="-122.359822" marker="yes" z="18" maptype="SATELLITE" 680 /]

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