This is another shot from the recent 2011 +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Port Townsend, WA. There was some festival going on by the beachfront and it had gathered what had to be most every resident in town. I can’t remember the name of the event but it involved people riding homemade contraptions into the water and sailing them around.

Normally, I’d be all over wanting to see this event but I noticed that the dock on the far end of the area was totally deserted. There really wasn’t any choice here, you see. Earlier, I had noticed that the dock was swarmed with people – as it should be seeing as how picturesque it is.

So, I packed up my gear and hustled over. I had the place to myself for a while, giving me ample time to experiment with different frames. This was clutch because each frame lasted about a minute or so, some longer.

As photographers, our goal is to get the shot. Period. End of story. We convey our stories, our emotions, and our words with our images. If you have the opportunity, you are just about obligated to take it.

Just. Get. The. Shot.

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