Last night, I met up with Naval optometrist and helluva guy, +Chris DeAngelis, for a wonderful afternoon/evening shoot around Boston. We didn't have much of a set agenda. As a new tourist to Boston, Chris expressed interest in shooting around the Charles River and so that is what we did.

Light was rapidly diminishing, so we had to find a spot that seemed good enough to offer several different comp options. When we first approached the Charles, we saw sunlight blasting downward and a more aggressive angle, but it was a rather small amount and at a distance.

As we hustled closer, I saw a break in the clouds and knew that when the sun reached a parallel point, we should get some interesting light spill. At least, I had hoped for it. :)

We stood there and waiting. Anticipation can be a killer, especially with something as fleeting as sunset light. Fortunately, our planning and waiting paid off. We were rewarded with this brilliant streak of exploding sunlight. As gorgeous as it was to shoot, it was also immensely breathtaking just to look at.

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