We love more. In general, especially in the US, we want lots. Super-sized. Instant. On-demand. Fill 'er up. Git 'er done. It all leads to so much convolution.

These thoughts have been on my mind a lot lately as I am preparing to move cross-country. I look at my possessions. More than I need. So much more. No one needs a garbage can with a motorized door that swings open when it senses motion near it. No one. So, I am hoping to take this opportunity to embrace the negative space of life. Learn to live in the less is more realm.

Now, there is an obvious parallel between this line of thinking in life and in photography. Why cram? Why do you need to fill the frame with so much stuff? The eyes want to enjoy. They don't want to get fatigued. Give the eyes what they want – nothing more and nothing less. Render your images (and perhaps your life) down to simply what is needed to convey your happiness and inspiration.

I'm finding that the older I get, the less I want and the happier I am about it.

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