I cannot believe the perfect storm of photographers that descended upon NYC this past weekend. In no particular order, we had +Jacob Lucas, +Heath O'Fee, +Mike Olbinski, +Scott Wyden Kivowitz, +Jesse Pafundi, +Brian Furbush, +Dave Veffer, +Richard Williams, +Chris DeAngelis, +Chris Robins, and the Kid, +Steve Beal all representing.

It was an epic time. One of my favorite moments was when Jacob and I found ourselves in the middle of Times Square, shooting pan shots while dragging the shutter. It was around 1AM and the place was a mob scene. Typical for that area. We just stood there, panning right to left as each taxi car drove by.

We tried different techniques, shared tips, and chased it all with a few Old Fashioned cocktails. It was such a joy to be in my home town with my good friends and just enjoy photography for what it is.

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