This is just a quick post as I make my way back from Brooklyn to Boston.

Over the past two months or so, almost all of my social media time has been spent on the relatively new SocMed platform, Google+. As a photographer and a writer, I find the interaction and investment of the members to be unparalleled to any other platform. That is not to say that Twitter and, sigh, Facebook, don’t have their merits. It’s just that Google+ has provided such fruitful correspondences between members.

Aside from that, there are two factors making Google+ a clear winner and they must be brought up:

  1. The way in which the G+ interface handles photos is amazing. Google did something very right here in the way it lets photographers display our images. Bright, large, and feature-rich. It’s a wonderful avenue to explore and can easily because a blog replacement should it be desired.
  2. The rate in which Google has implemented user-requested¬†improvements is staggering. I mean, simply jaw-dropping. For a company of that size and stature to markedly improve its feature sets directly from our feedback is so refreshing. It should make every one of you take pause and cast a leery eye at Facebook, which recently decided to go in quite a tragic direction with its new UI ‘improvements’.

So, that is that. As of two days ago, Google+ has lifted its Invitation-only requirement and is now open for anyone to join. I really would love to see more of my friends and fans join if you haven’t already. To make things even easier, my good friend, Colby Brown, created a wonderful Guide to Google+ that you can read here.

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