I bought my Fuji X100 after a long bout of hating it. I was totally set against it. What do I need a $1200 retro camera for?

And then I held one in my hands. Standing in B&H, I knew I had to buy this camera. It just felt right. I borrowed one for a week and was doubly sold. And after a week or two of hunting, I found one.

And, true to form, it was defective. The camera wouldn’t meter at all. It would give me one preview and expose something totally differently. I was ready to toss it against a brick wall. And then a very good friend of mine, who had an ‘in’ with Fuji, put me directly in touch with one of their support engineers who knew of this issue. I sent my camera in and two days later, I had it returned with a brand new lens assembly.

I have been visiting family in Brooklyn this week and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to put the X100 through its paces while spending the early morning hours walking around the Sheepshead Bay and Bay Parkway areas of Brooklyn.

Long story short – this camera is amazing. Metering is spot on, as is focus. I walked away with a series of shots that I am beyond happy to share. And so, here is a gallery of minutia – the pieces of Brooklyn that we all walk by without a second thought.

Please enjoy.